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Chuck graduated from Rhode Island College with a degree in Film. Chuck has been creating comedy videos with his band, Senior Discount, and his podcast, The Chuck and Brad Podcast (as well as other independent projects) for fifteen years.
Their videos have over 100,000 views on various streaming sites.
The Fox Network has bought some of this footage from Chuck and aired it on the network G4.

Chuck has directed two full-length films, VBW Attack: The Senior Discount Movie (a documentary), as well a live comedy special from the podcast Tell 'Em Steve Dave (detailed below).

Tell 'Em Steve Dave is a podcast hosted by Brian Quinn from TruTV's Impractical Jokers and Walt and Bryan from AMC's Comic Book MenAfter Chuck directed and cut Tell 'Em Steve Dave: Live at the Gramercy Theatre special, they hired him to work on a few more individual projects ("Elephants in the Room" and "TESD TV") before hiring him to work consistently on their video projects, which are now created and released bi-weekly for the Tell 'Em Steve- Dave Patreon.

They do the vast majority of their film projects at Kevin Smith's comic book store in NJ, Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash. Kevin Smith appeared in one of their recent videos this past August when Chuck was hired to film at Kevin's film festival, Vulgarthon.

Chuck has created over 70 "short" films (from seven - ninety+ minutes) that range wildly in style.

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