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Chuck was doing the podcast and working with RI FOOD FIGHTS as a spokesperson when he was approached by Motif Magazine to become a new food, arts and culture writer in Providence, RI in December of 2017.
Three months after Chuck began writing for Motif, Providence Monthly contacted Chuck about freelancing for PM as well.

Chuck now writes for both publications in Providence. Chuck focuses mostly on food, and also covers film, music and comedy. For the magazines, Chuck has interviewed comedian Lenny Clarke, and 
restaurateurs from Xaco Taco, Federal Hill Pizza, Hometown Poke, and more. Chuck wrote the July 2018 cover story for Providence Monthly.

Chuck's connections to the food scene have grown exponentially from his articles, and he often does promotional videos for RI FOOD FIGHTS, as well as interviews chefs and people from the culinary world on his podcast, The Chuck and Brad Podcast.

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