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- Adam Theroux (Creative)
- Ben Smith (Comedian)
- Bi-Anal Ham Sandwich (Band)
- Brian Beaudoin (Comedian)
- Brian Lau (Filmmaker)
- Brian Martins (Comedian)
- Casey Jost (Comedian)
- Dan Martin (Comedian)

- Derek Furtado (Comedian)

- Derrick Demello (Comedian)
- Hank Sinatra Jr. (Musician)
- Jason Mayoh (Filmmaker)
- Jeff Tremaine (Filmmaker)

Jiggy (Comedian)
Joe List (Comedian)
- John Poveromo (Comedian)
- Jon Tillson (Comedian)
- JT Habersaat (Comedian)

Mike Finoia (Comedian)
- Nic Hallenbeck (Musician, Filmmaker)
- Patrick O'Dell (Filmmaker)
- The Portuguese Kids (Comedy Troupe)
- Ray Harrington (Comedian)
- Rob Pierce (Comedian)
- Sean Murphy (Musician, Filmmaker)

Shaun Colón (Filmmaker, Musician)

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