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Jordan Furtado and Chuck Staton have been friends for nearly twenty years. He lives at Staton Manor with Chuck and is often involved in Chuck's dining adventures.


2018/02/28 - #353 - We Play "The Thing: Infection At Outpost 31" (along with Gina Mastrostefano)

- 2016/12/14 - #293 - Chuck and Brad's Chris-Match - TLC: Tinsel, Laughter, and Cheer (along with Gina Mastrostefano, Christian Staton, Abe Correia, Michayla Currie, Brian Lau, Eric Maksood, Fawn Correia, and Sam Staton)

- 2012/11/14 - #102 - Chuck & Pals Visit Jerry Springer and Steve Wilkos

- 2011/03/15 - #64 - The Evolution of Car Tag (along with Lou Perella and Christian Staton)

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