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It seems intimidating, but starting to listen to the Chuck and Brad Podcast is EASY! Here's what you need to know:

 The podcast is built on creativity, and based in Providence, Rhode Island

Chuck's in the punk band Senior Discount, which is signed to Paper + Plastick Records (owned by Vinnie Fiorello, the drummer of Less Than Jake).They've played for years, with bands like Sum 41, Anti-Flag, Gym Class Heroes, Guttermouth, Less Than Jake, The Ataris, Leftover Crack, The Swingin Utters, Streetlight Manifesto, and more!

Chuck and Brad are filmmakers. Chuck has over 100,000 views on his videos on various streaming sites. Chuck has directed two full-length films, and  now works consistently for the podcast Tell 'Em Steve Dave. which is made up of Brian Quinn from TruTV's Impractical Jokers and Walt and Bryan from AMC's Comic Book Men

Brad Rohrer is a longtime improv performer who was trained in Chicago and currently performs at the Providence Improv Guild.
Chuck and Brad are comedians who consistently headline the historic Comedy Connection in Rhode Island with their two-man live comedy shows, and have also performed around CT, MA and NY.

Chuck and Brad moderate panels at pop culture / comic conventions like Big Apple Con, ComiConn and Rhode Island Comic Con.

They've moderated for celebrities like Chad Lindburg (The Fast and The Furious), the cast of Stephen King's "It" (2017), and Creed Bratton and Kate Flannery from The OfficeThey also host events for organizations like RI Food Fights, Motif Magazine and Gamestop.




On the podcast, Chuck and Brad have interviewed members of the bands Bowling for Soup, Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, Big D and the Kids Table as well as Jeff Tremaine (director of the Jackass movies) and Casey Jost from Impractical Jokers. 

Chuck is also a food arts and culture writer for Motif Magazine and Providence Monthly




The podcast follows the creative lives of Chuck and Brad as they discuss (and obsess over) modern pop culture while talking about their own creative endeavors, and growing as people. Chuck is brash and obscene. Brad is quiet and nerdy.



Chuck and Brad are PRETTY good about explaining everything they bring up on the podcast so new listeners never feel out of the loop - but here's a list of episodes that might be a fun place to start to get an idea about the show:


"This is a very fun episode because it revolves around me shooting for Tell 'Em Steve Dave at Vulgarthon 2018, Kevin Smith's film festival. It's a great recounting of the day, shooting with the TESD guys, me first meeting and talking with Kevin, as well as having a very productive filming trip. Fun for people who are interested in the behind-the-scenes of creative projects." - Chuck


"I am an eternal optimist when it comes to modern pop culture, and we talk about movies a LOT. But when we get to REALLY dive-in to movies, that's one of my favorite things. In this episode, Ray Harrington came on and I argued with him about my love for 'Jurassic World.' One of my favorites." - Chuck
P.S. No one tell Ray he made my "Favorites" list twice.


"This episode REALLY puts our normal, pure Chuck-and-Brad back-and-forth on display. We joke around a ton, but have a big, long discussion about something terrible I said at a Wendy's. I love fighting with Brad on the podcast when it's this playful." - Chuck


"We haven't done many games on the podcast, but this 13-person episode is one of the most heartwarming and hilarious episodes we have. The games were very fun, everyone brought their A-game, and it might be our number one episode in terms of how much laughing was caught in one recording!" - Chuck


"Sometimes life is hard! The podcast is about us navigating the world of creativity - as WELL as navigating the world of human relationships. This was a personal, open discussion about peoples' inability to connect and a question about how tough it can be to deal with that sometimes."
- Chuck 


"Once in a great while, one of us will actually write something for the podcast. I wrote this story about a new Thanksgiving mascot (Gibby the Thanksgiving Goblin) for the podcast. Sometimes we'll write something like this for the podcast, like our original Harry Potter stories, my outlandish Wrestlemania predictions, or our fictional Grinch behind-the-scenes oral history." - Chuck


"Ray Harrington was a guest on the Halloween 2018 episode. It's a SUPER funny episode, and an excellent example of what I want our podcast to be. When you listen to our podcast, I want it to feel like you're sitting around with your funniest friends and laughing along with them. This is a perfect episode for that." - Chuck


"We interview people on the podcast, but what we really want to create is deeper bonds with other artists, and maybe even to help them discover more about themselves during the episode.

In our episode with Casey Jost, we really felt like we connected with another person who was essentially a stranger beforehand and had some deep, fun, discussion." - Chuck


"Once in a while, I get into a fight with someone online and we go through the conversation on the podcast. With this specific argument, it was an argument in REAL LIFE where I was accused of assaulting a Staples employee. I retell the terrible tale. Find out if it happened here!" - Chuck


#286 - The "Friday the 13th" Series (Ep 1 + 2)

"Every Halloween, we dissect a horror movie series (Halloween, Child's Play, Nightmare on Elm Street, etc) and tell the entire story of the series to Brian Lau. B Lau is not a fan of horror movies, and has no knowledge of the movies. Our regurgitated explanations highlight the hilarious continuity problems in the movies, and Friday the 13th is one of our funniest episodes." - Chuck


"This is a great example of a normal episode with some great discussion and a super funny story from Brad. We talk about what's going on in our lives, new creatives projects we're working on, and there's some current film talk." - Chuck


"What better way to learn about how Chuck and I view the world than by listening to us recap a night spent speed dating? Immediately after our night out, we sit down with friends Lou + Laura Perella. We walk them through the evening and our experiences with a host of possible dates. It's so much fun to hear us bicker and banter about the experience." - Brad

More of Chuck and Brad's favorite episodes:

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